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                                                            PROJECTS – PRESENT AND PAST PERFORMANCE

Recovery Centers of America (RCA)     Date: 2018 to current
Client:  RCA Maryland Centers for Addiction Treatment (MCAT)
Ivan Walks & Associates provides Behavioral Health Leadership and Oversight of Behavioral Health Staff. IWA staff also provide Psychiatrist evaluation and patient care services to both inpatients and outpatients who are dually diagnosed with Mental Health and Substance Abuse challenges. Further, IWA personnel work with RCA MCAT employees to develop and implement policies and procedures as well as conduct and performance standards.

HT Healthcare, Inc.     Date: 2018
Client: HT Healthcare 
Ivan Walks & Associates provided Subject Matter Expertise to include assistance with Technical proposal development including RFP/RFO review and analysis, Proposal development Plan, schedule and coordination, Proposal outline, Compliance, Forms and documentation and Pricing. Additionally, IWA’s SME attended meetings on behalf of HT Healthcare.

MBI, Inc.     Date: 2018
Client: MBI, Inc.
Ivan Walks & Associates provided Subject Matter Expertise to MBI in the project design, proposal development, application submission and subsequent Certificate of Need (CON) approval process that resulted in MBI being granted a CON for an Urgent Care Center in the District of Columbia. IWA SME’s also attended meetings and offered testimony before District Government officials.

Interdynamics, Inc.    Date: 2017 to current
Client: District of Columbia Youth Rehabilitation Services (DCYRS)
Ivan Walks & Associates provided Psychiatrist evaluation and patient care services to adolescents at the District of Columbia Youth Services Center (YSC). IWA personnel also worked with District employees to develop and implement policies and procedures as well as conduct and performance standards.

PIVOT Occupational Health, Inc.     Date: 2017 to current
Client: State of Maryland
IWA provides the State Medical Director and Occupational Medical Services for Maryland State agencies to include direct service provision, or comprehensive oversight for the following services; Read More

• Initial Workability Examinations                       • Follow-up Workability Examinations                          • Medical Advisor/Consult Services & Ergonomic

• Testimony & Preparation                                    • Medical Specialist and laboratory Services

IWA as The State Medical provided oversight of the following services:

• Routine Pre-Placement Phys. for Employees          • Pre-Placement Phys Based on Ergonomic Job           • Standard Psychol. Evaluations of Employees/Apps

• Workers’ Compensation Treatment Provider          • 2nd Opinion Exams – WC Cases          • Critical Incident Response/Debriefing for Employees

• Medical Surveillance Examinations          • Bloodborne Pathogen – Education Services, testing and counseling          • Hepatitis B Vaccinations

• Vaccination Service          • TB Testing          • US DOT – Regulated Physical Examinations, Drug and Alcohol Testing          • US DOT/MDOT-Regulated SAP Evaluations

• MDOT Physicals – FAA 2nd Class Airmen Certification, ADA Eligibility Physical/Functional; Substance Abuse Testing-Drug screening

LHI, Inc.     Date: 2016 to current
Client: Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Medical Disability Examinations
Ivan Walks and Associates through its clinic locations, “Integrated Health Resources” located both in the District of Columbia and Silver Spring Maryland, conducts Veteran behavioral health disability assessments MBE examinations. Additionally, IWA has a network of licensed and credentialed psychologists in various states whom it contracts with to also complete the VBA MDE exams for LHI, working within the prime contractor’s portals to complete high quality reports for high quality assessments.

VetFed Resources Inc. (VETFED) VetFed-Carenet     Date: 2016 to 2019
Client: Veterans Benefits Administration, Medical Disability Examination
Ivan Walks and Associates worked as a subcontractor to VETFED IWA provided the Medical Director, Network Provider Staff, Staff Training and Quality Assurance Staff on the VETFED MDE project team. IWA provided subject matter expertise as requested by VETFED including the areas of: military health care, military regulations, federal government regulations and program management. IWA was part of the Medical Disability Examinations (MDE) project team, under direction of the VETFED Program Manager. Read More


IWA provided support during the start-up. Activities included the necessary contract start up items to achieve operational systems and contract requirements for full operational capacity. Phase-out support at the end of contract included supporting the transition of any remaining material to VETFED. IWA provided staff and resources capable of augmenting VETFEDs requirement to provide a Provider Network capable of performing a full range of Medical Disability Examinations. IWA assisted with providing the training plan and its execution for the provider network.
IWA provided credentialing services following JACHO credentialing guidelines for VetFed-Carenet Provider network. IWA provided Physicians to conduct Medical Record Review and Medical Opinion for Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water (CLCW) project.

Trusted Health Plan     Date: 2013
Client: Trusted Health Plans
Ivan Walks and Associates CEO, Dr. Ivan Walks served as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for the health plan. He oversaw the successful startup of the organization and development of its clinical and fiscal infrastructure. Under his Medical Leadership, Trusted Health Plan enjoyed not only successful Federal and Local government certification but profitability beginning in year one.

Way Station Inc.     Date: 2012
Client: Maryland State Department of Human Services
Ivan Walks and Associates worked as a subcontractor with Way Station, Inc. (WSI) to implement a family-preservation program under an agreement with the Maryland State Department of Human Resources for the provision of Interagency Family Preservation Services. Under this agreement, IWA provided a Manager and Family Services Worker as part of the program staff.

U. S. Army Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) Contract     Date: 2010
Client: Army’s North Atlantic Region Medical Center (NARMC)
In September 2010, Ivan Walks and Associates in Silver Spring, MD was awarded a competitively-bid contract to perform medical and behavioral health evaluations for those Wounded Warriors assigned to the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) in collaboration with the Army’s North Atlantic Region Medical Center (NARMC). This contract covered the 23 Northeastern United States. Read More

As background, American military personnel found unfit for duty due to Service-related illnesses or injuries are potentially eligible for placement on the TDRL. A Veteran’s presence on the TDRL means that the conditions surrounding his or her particular disability have been deemed unstable by a Physical Evaluation Board and may require periodic re-examination during a period not to exceed five years in order for them to retain the associated compensation benefits. IWA’s contract, a single award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) effort valued in excess of $17M over four years, represented the first time that clinical and human services staff outside of the Government had been engaged to ensure timely re-exam of the Army Veterans on the TDRL. The IWA team performed the comprehensive evaluations, systematically compiled information on TDRL outcomes and where and when appropriate, provided counseling related to the Army’s disability rating decisions.