Extraordinary service is the result of anticipating the need and providing the solution before the customer requires it.



Ivan Walks & Associates LLC (IWA), is a Minority and Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) with a mission is to provide the best possible consulting services, support, and response to many of today’s issues in public and private sector health, psychological wellness, public health and security, and critical incident response. IWA offers expertise and past performance in the following service areas:

  • Evaluative Research and Assessment
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Performance Measurement
  • Medical Training and Provider Credentialing
  • Medical Program Support
  • Behavioral Health Disability Evaluation
  • Health Communication/ Marketing 
  • Human Services Management Training and Support
  • Behavioral and Physical Health Coordination
  • Outcomes Measurements
  • Medical Leadership Staffing
  • Policy and Program Analysis
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning
  • Disaster Mental Health Training
  • Development and Delivery
  • Exercise Design and Evaluation
  • 611430 – Professional and Management Development Training
  • 621112 – Offices of Physicians, Mental health Specialists
  • 621999 – All Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services
  • 624230 – Emergency and other Relief Services
  • 923120 – Administration of Public Health Programs
  • R406 – Support – Professional Policy Review/ Development 
  • AN46 – R & D Medical Health Services (Management/ Support)
  • AN55 – R & D Medical: Mental Health (Operational System      Development)