Following a successful tenure as the District of Columbia’s Chief Health Officer and Director of the Department of Health (DOH), Ivan C.A. Walks, MD established Ivan Walks & Associates (IWA) as a Health Policy and Disaster Preparedness Consulting Firm. That was back in 2002.

Since then, IWA has grown into a multi-disciplinary team that includes health professionals, organizational and behavioral specialists, social scientists, public safety experts and technologists. Our engagements have included public health strategic planning, community outreach, and the defining of health information technology (HIT) requirements.

A particular company focus is Medical Leadership. IWA Physician leaders have provided oversight and training nationally for a US Department of Veterans Affairs prime contractor’s physician network. IWA has also supplied its own network of behavior health specialist in support of the prime’s effort.
IWA also provides the State Medical Director for The State of Maryland Occupational Health Services – Disability Evaluations.

In direct service to Military Veterans, The IWA team provided comprehensive medical and psychosocial evaluations for the U.S. Army’s NARMC MEDCOM region TDRL Wounded Warriors covering the 23 Northeastern States.

Over the past few years, our body of work, client list and reputation for exemplary performance has dramatically driven IWA’s growth as both a company and brand.

IWA is a credible and highly competent Minority and Veteran-Owned Small Business focused on interventions to enhance Mental Health, Health and Human Services as well as Military and Veteran Health Services. Our mission is to understand the unique challenges our clients face, and then combine traditional and innovative methodologies to deliver solutions that are clear and measurable.

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"Dr. Walks is very personable. He is encouraging, pleasant, and genuinely seems interested in my well-being."
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"Dr. Walks is very knowledgeable, respectful, and kind. He treats his patients as if they are his only patients. I wish everyone could have such a good psychiatrist."
S . S
"Dr. Walks is warm and inviting. He sticks with what is best for me and makes adjustments along the way."
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